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We are focused on adding value to brands and businesses through our services.


Software Development

& Maintenance

With the skill and knowledge in advanced software and blockchain development, We offer enterprise software development that meets high-quality standards.


Blockchain Solutions

& ICO Services

With the dawn of new advanced technology, our team can bring you to the next generation by creating a blockchain solution specifically for you.

Website Development

& UI/UX Design

Build the website you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

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Mindgenix is the most advanced software development company in the Philippines. With the knowledge and technology to enable blockchain application in the country and worldwide, we provide safer, easier, and better solutions for your business or service.


Our Working

Our team is the best in collaborating with each other to focus on what needs to be delivered, strategic planning on what we need, and delivery of quality product or service on time

Planning & Strategy

We Identify appropriate goals and courses of action with a forward thinking strategy to meet the client needs.

Design & Develop

We make your vision into reality as we design and develop your business goals while placing you in control of your desired content.

Test & Deliver

We make sure our services has to undergo a comprehensive quality check and deliver the utmost result.

Our Products

From custom software development with the latest tech to automated quality assurance, you get all types of software development services to help you build, sustain, and modernize enterprise software.


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Our Roadmap

How we became one of the most advanced technology solutions company in the Philippines.

January 2018

The First Step of a Great Change

Westrend Realty ventures out to cryptocurrency use and blockchain technology.

February 2018

Dance of Dreams and Ideas

Vision is created for a decentralized real estate investment platform.

March 2018

Preparation in All Aspects

Created Pitch deck presentation and white paper for the upcoming fundraising for our platform. Attended first Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

April 2018

The Security of Foundation

Initial fundraising was launched through friends and families.

May 2018

Gathering of Heart and Talent

Started the development team in the Philippines and launched Westrend Marketing Team in Vietnam.

June 2018

Strength in Unity and Numbers

Westrend Consulting in Vietnam and Mindgenix Technology in the Philippines was established, WES Token has been released to the public, and development of the Token Sale/ICO Dashboard begun.

July 2018

A Budding Reality

Completion of ICO Dashboard and the start of the public token sale. Development of the Westrend Platform’s alpha version also begun.

August 2018

Good Start, Better Prospects

Reached Soft Cap of $1M USD from our Initial Public Sale.
Alpha Version of Westrend Platform was launched.

September 2018

A Foundation Given Roots

Mindgenix SEC registration was awarded. Realizing the potential of blockchain technology in the Philippines, Mindgenix started negotiations with several government entities and private sector companies to present them solutions using distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

Expansion of the Mindgenix Team was initiated and strategic partnerships was sought out. Development team explores other utilization for WES Token which leads to the creation of Airdrop platform, IoT Roulette and Race Track that accepts cryptocurrency.

October 2018

Stronger with Allies

Partnership with QuickX for the liquidity of the WES Token and signed up with LAToken as our first crypto exchange listing. The Asia Blockchain Powerhouse Event was organized and headed by Westrend Consulting in Vietnam with the  Beta Version of Westrend Platform being launched 1 week ahead of schedule for the anticipation of token listing in LATOKEN.

November 2018

The Path of Innovation

Manila Blockchain Powerhouse was held in Mind Museum, Taguig and was attended by several government officials and investors as we showcased our product and services. Afterwards, the advocacy of blockchain mass adoption was started. Further development of the Westrend platform is conducted with the WES Token officially listed and traded on LAToken. Construction of new Mindgenix Office in Eastwood City, Philippines also went underway.

December 2018

Towards the Future

Acquired several satellite offices in Malaysia and Japan, WES Token Wallet is now under development, and Project Initiative NGO was formulated to spearhead the mass adoption of blockchain in the Philippines.

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Mobile App Development

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Corporate Service

Blockchain Projects

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  • Blockchain Software
  • Decentralized Applications
  • etc.
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