Westrend Consulting shall open their Vietnam Blockchain Powerhouse Seminar on October 31st, 2018 to its international audience, introducing blockchain-enabled real estate investing and business-expanding online payment application.

One of the speakers is Mindgenix Chief Technology Officer Alvin Veroy -entrepreneur, inventor, developer and technology advocate.

His love for technology started out on an early age. Alvin learned how to reverse engineer servers and improve their cybersecurity as early as 1998. He volunteered his skills, counselling major networks in the Philippines on possible threats on their security.

He gained international notoriety after exposing series of security vulnerabilities through an exclusive interview on Time Magazine and CNN back in 2001. This became his stepping stone to operate in the United States where he met Dr. David Wright, Phd, founder of WrightBalance Technologies.

After a decade working with Dr. Wright, he moved on patenting his own technologies. Such as a Wearable Foot Sensor, Hip Sensor and even Laser Hand Scanner. These game-changers renewed sports medicine in how we train athletes and rehabilitate sports injuries.

Working almost two decades in United States, his perspective changed from how things are to how things can be better.

Stepping up to the world of IOTs (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), he planned to build his vision upon a platform that upholds data integrity and autonomy from human intervention. Thus, creating his advocacy.

He then met Verlin Sanciangco, founder and CEO of Westrend Realty, that shares his vision.

Alvin and his team created the Westrend Investment Platform, a real estate crowdfunding platform where people can globally invest using WES Tokens.

With the Westrend platform, people invest in real estate for as low as $100, giving them opportunities for a better cash flow.

WES Token will soon expand its utilization open more opportunities to the people, especially to developing countries in need of financial inclusion.