From the Philippines to Vietnam, Mindgenix has taken strides to change the world, one community at a time.

Mindgenix Technology is founded on a culture that is passionate about transforming systems and lives, by delivering client-focused technology to businesses and governments around the world.

What Makes Us Different

We strive for excellence.

February 2019

Verlin Sanciangco joins ALL HALAL TECH, Inc. as a member of the Board of Directors.

January 2019

First batch of 10XTechnology Bootcamp trainees are now deployed to work on blockchain based projects.

December 2018

Acquired several satellite offices in Malaysia and Japan. WES Token Wallet is now under development. Project Initiative NGO was formulated to spearhead the mass adoption of blockchain in the Philippines and soon, around the world.

November 2018

Mindgenix joined the Manila Blockchain Powerhouse to showcase the products and services to help innovate major industry through blockchain technology. Construction of new Mindgenix Headquarters in Eastwood City Philippines.

October 2018

Partnership with QuickX for the liquidity of WES Token. Westrend Platform's Beta version was released and Westoken was registered to LATOKEN as our initial exchange listing. Asia Blockchain Powerhouse Event was organized and sponsored by Westrend Consulting in Vietnam.

September 2018

MIndgenix sponsored the "Asia Blockchain Summit", an iconic Blockchain summit that connects hundreds of business decision-makers, tech-innovators and investors. Mindgenix started to conceptualize 10XTechnology, a bootcamp program to scale the growing demand for blockchain-capable engineers and marketers.

August 2018

SEC registration was awarded to Mindgenix. Partnership with private sector companies and collaboration with government departments were organized to present blockchain-based solutions to address technological limitations and development. Mindgenix makes its first outreach program in the Philippines and Vietnam.

August 2018

Westoken reached a soft cap of $1M USD and Westrend platform's alpha version was launched.

July 2018

Token sale dashboard was launched that enabled a multi-cryptocurrency acceptance platform with airdrop integration. Mindgenix officially announced the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to the public.

June 2018

Westrend Blockchain Technologies was renamed "Mindgenix Technologies Inc." Expanding the company’s portfolio from decentralized real estate platform to a blockchain based technological advancements and solutions company.

June 2018

Successful launched of WES Token as a cryptocurrency for Westrend real estate crowdfunding platform. Alvin Veroy, Philippines' leading expert in Blockchain Technology with 20 years of experience in Information technology and Engineering focused on IOT, joined the company and was named Chief Technical Office (CTO) to lead the development team.

May 2018

With Westrend's rapid growth, new satellite offices were established, Westrend Marketing in Vietman and Westrend Development Team in Philippines. Alex Sanciangco is officially named as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Westrend Blockchain Technologies.

April 2018

After achieving the initial funding target and partnering with blockchain industry leaders, Verlin travelled to Ho Chi Min to launch Westrend Consulting, a real estate marketing firm for blockchain technology.

March 2018

In an effort to share his vision and to raise more funds, Verlin, CEO and Founder of Westrend Blockchain Technologies, travels to Southeast Asia to meet with leaders and investors. Verlin was invited as a keynote speaker to a leading blockchain business event, the Dubai Blockchain Summit.

February 2018

Verlin and Alex Sanciangco conceptualized a decentralized real estate platform and started to raise funds amongst relatives and friends. They named the platform "Westrend Blockchain Technologies" Westrend Blockchain Technologies achieved white paper completion.

January 2018

Verlin Sanciangco, CEO of Western Realty, a California based real estate business, ventures out to cryptocurrency use and blockchain technology for real estate industry.

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