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A Smart New World

How the Manila Blockchain Powerhouse Empowered the Filipinos

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Mindgenix is now delivering value around the world.

Mindgenix Technology is founded on a culture that is passionate about transforming systems and lives, by delivering client-focused technology to businesses and governments around the world.

We are committed to provide an enhanced and comprehensive support in each project phases, including that of training and development.

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Build trust-based business for a multi-technology world.

The blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way the world works by creating transactional systems that is anchored on trust among users in a network.

Each transaction are recorded on a distributed ledger that removes the need for intermediaries. Each user in a blockchain may refer to a blockchain as the source of truth.


Increase your business value through blockchain

Tap into a new way of doing business.

Creating value for your customers through quality, efficiency, and cost, is critical for future success. This includes the way companies do their business that matters to your customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders.

With your business built on blockchain, we enable increased levels of security, streamlined processes, and a trustless system that removes all dependencies on intermediaries, enabling business transformation that works for you.

Trust & Security

Using distributed ledger technology, businesses can streamline their process with complete trustand security within their system and network.


By connecting through other blockchain enabled businesses, scalibility is now more accessible, secured and efficient.

Increase Profitability

By removing intermediaries, preventing fraud, trackability and securing integrity of data, blockchain can potentially increase your business value.

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Industry leaders believe in blockchain

According to Michael del Castillo from Forbes - Big Blockchain: The 50 Largest Public Companies Exploring Blockchain.
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What is blockchain?

It’s distributed

In a blockchain, a concensus of shared ledgers are spread across different computers in a network, removing any need for centralized authority.


As concensus is required from all users in a network, every transactional record are validated permanently on each ledger. This makes it impossible to edit or delete any data in a permanently validated blockchain.

Efficiency and Productivity

Optimize and streamline processes and improve transactions with your customers and stakeholders.

Permissioned Access

Users in a blockchain network are required to have access. Data in the network are only shared on a need-to-know basis only.

Innovation and Breakthroughs

Blockchain is now being used in systems to create innovative applications that increases efficiency, productivity, and security.

Ease of Scalability

As diverse as your business gets, so does your blockchain. You can rely on a system that will scale with as your business grows. In addition, you can deploy features such as updates, rules, and smart contracts, without so much complexity.

Accountability and Commitment

How we became one of the most advanced technology solutions company in the Philippines.

February 2019

Verlin Sanciangco joins ALL HALAL TECH, Inc. as a member of the Board of Directors.

January 2019

First batch of 10XTechnology Bootcamp trainees are now deployed to work on blockchain based projects.

December 2018

Acquired several satellite offices in Malaysia and Japan. WES Token Wallet is now under development. Project Initiative NGO was formulated to spearhead the mass adoption of blockchain in the Philippines and soon, around the world.

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From the early stages to being one of the leaders in blockchain technology.

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From simple applications to complex custom software development, Mindgenix has a diverse portfolio of blockchain-enabled projects in their sleeves.


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