Advance your market position with solutions designed for your success

Businesses all over the world are adapting to changing technologies to deliver their products and services in more efficient and productive ways. Mindgenix has a diverse portfolio of custom and turn-key solutions for companies of any size anywhere you are in the world.

Enterprise Solutions

Delivery of Enterprise grade custom software applications for private and government organizations.

• Supply Chain Management (DIMPLES)
• Distributed Ledger Solutions
• IOT Solutions

Small Business Solutions

Accessible and affordable services for Small and Medium businesses for easy and customizable deployment.

• Digital Marketing
• Smart Contracts
• Web Design/Development (UI/UX)
• Mobile Apps

Mindgenix Projects

Innovative services, products and unique standalone projects.

• ICO Services
• Whitepaper development
• Smart Contract Creation
• ICO Marketing
• Token Sale Platform
• Decentralized Application

  • Software Development

    Custom software designed for your business.

    Custom software designed for your busines. From desktop to mobile applications, in multiple operating systems, Mindgenix can help you move your business forward and deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders. Our team can develop for varying industries in different disciplines, from simple to complex programs.
  • IoT Projects

    IoT automates for better user experience.

    In a world where user experience is critical to gaining loyal customers, Mindgenix has expertise in developing IoT projects that allows systems to marry your hardware functions with software control in an automated harmony.
  • Blockchain Projects

    Robust applications made with blockchain

    Powerful and secure applications created with blockchain are guaranteed to bring you more efficiency, productivity, scalability, and security. Mindgenix Technology specializes in the development of software on blockchain.

  • Technology Bootcamp

    A team that grows with you

    Mindgenix Technology is capable of handling multiple projects at scale because of our unique approach to talent pooling. Our technology bootcamp is a comprehensive program to educate technology enthusiasts and deploy them in projects efficiently.

Your success starts with your decision to take the first step.

Mindgenix Technology will work with you in every step of the process to deliver for you a technology that will lead you to a more successfull future for your business.

  • Consultation

    With a team of qualified technology consultants, we work with our clients to determine the best solutions for your business. Our consultation process involves a review of your requirements versus existing systems. We align your technical requirements with your business goals and match them with our current solutions.

  • System Design

    After careful review and assessment, and upon your approval, we will design the end-to-end solution, presented in a detailed project proposal with costs that are fairly priced.

  • Quality Assurance

    Using best practices and the highest quality standards, we ensure that the final product delivered meets or exceeds your expectations. We have dedicated Quality Engineers to scope and guarantee the quality of the product.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    To ensure a seamless transition, Mindgenix will guide you through development of materials and conduct of training for the use of your new product.

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